Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action

Jamil Azher

December 2008 | 344 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988592

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In complex software projects, managing the development process can be as critical to success as writing the code itself. A project may involve dozens of developers, managers, architects, testers, and customers, hundreds of builds, and thousands of opportunities to get off-track. To keep tabs on the people, tasks, and components of a medium- to large-scale project, most teams use a development system that allows for easy monitoring, follow-up, and accountability.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008 (TFS), the server component of Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), provides a powerful collaborative platform for software-development teams. The product offers an integrated toolset for tracking work items, creating test cases, managing source code, generating builds, constructing database schemas, and so on. Because in software development one size does not fit all, TFS provides process customization, project management, and reporting capabilities to build solutions around your requirements.

Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action is a hands-on guide to Team Foundation Server 2008. Written for developers with a good handle on TFS basics, this book shows you how to solve real-life problems. It's not a repetition of Microsoft's product documentation. Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action is a practitioner's handbook for how to work with TFS under common constraints. This book walks you through real-life software engineering problems based on hundreds of hours of TFS experience.

You'll benefit from expert author Jamil Azher's extensive interactions with members of Microsoft's TFS team and MVPs, survey feedback from the author's blog, and interviews with organizations and user groups using TFS. Instead of just offering a high-level overview, the book provides detailed solutions for solving common—and not-so-common—problems using TFS. It discusses the strengths as well as weaknesses of TFS, and suggests appropriate problem resolution steps, workarounds, or custom solutions.



Jamil Azher has over 18 years of experience in software development ranging from hands-on programming, global project management, technology leadership, and entrepreneurial ventures. He currently works as a technology architect at Microsoft Corporation in Silicon Valley. Over the years, Jamil has coached members of the technical staff, created architecture of major products and services, developed technology plans for venture funding, supervised development of globally-distributed applications, and interacted with many diverse organizations regarding technology strategy and roadmap. Jamil has a master's degree in IT from Harvard and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Caltech. He is the author of Global Outsourcing using VSTS, published by Thomson Delmar Learning.


“There are a lot of reference links throughout the book to get further information, so the content certainly isn't stale, and the material certainly isn't just a rehash or a collection of material that you can search the Net for...I definitely recommend this book for developers, development leads, and consultants who want to get more out of TFS than what comes out of the box.”
David Jung, Developer Technology Specialist, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Corp.

“...An invaluable companion and reference book for anyone involved with Team Foundation Server.”
Willy-Peter Schaub, TFS MVP, BB&D

“The real value in the book for me was the practical examples. Even as somebody who has been deeply involved in the TFS community and now the product team there are plenty of examples in the book that I haven't seen before.”
Grant Holliday, Program Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, former MVP