Brownfield Application Development in .NET

Kyle Baley and Donald Belcham
Foreword by David Laribee

April 2010 | 416 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988711

Out of Print $49.99 Softbound print + eBook


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Taking over development of an existing application is rarely an easy task. Good coding and management practices are often lacking, so maintenance and improvement of the app can be tough. This book will help you maintain and extend your brownfield applications, and find and fix its pain points.

The books starts by laying out the unique characteristics of brownfield apps—both negative and positive. It then systematically explores how you can employ well-established techniques like continuous integration, version control, and automated testing, even if they weren't part of the original dev process. You'll learn techniques to identify logical layers and tease apart dependencies to effectively separate concerns for improved flexibility. This practical book will help you improve not only your application's maintainability, but also the team's confidence in the project.



Kyle Baley has over a decade of development experience in areas ranging from transportation and telecom to banking and energy. An independent developer and Microsoft MVP, Donald Belcham specializes in rescuing applications in dire need of resuscitation.


Brownfield Application development in .Net is a book I wish I had on my bookshelf when I started programming 8 years ago. Through a conversational tone, similar to pair programming, the authors expose both the simple and challenging aspects on not only how to work with a legacy code base, but how to start a new project 'right' from the beginning.”
Nate Hoellein

“This book does a great job of not only laying out a road map for locating each of the various types of pain points offered by a Brownfield application but it also does a great job of suggesting how to deal with each of those pain points.”
Andrew Siemer

“I wish I would have had this book ten years ago and not had to learn these lessons the hard way. The book so accurately describes the pain points of software development and how to eliminate or mitigate those issues.”
David Woods, Lead Consultant, Solidhouse Inc.

“There is a lot of useful advice about making use of abstractions to protect the code against change both from internal and external dependencies and I particularly like the fact that there are examples showing the progression of the code through each of the refactoring ideas suggested by the authors.”
Mark Needham, Agile Software Developer, ThoughtWorks