Taming Jaguar

Michael J. Barlotta and Jason R. Weiss

2000 | 362 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1930110030

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Taming Jaguar is part of the PowerBuilder Developer's series, which includes Distributed Application Development with PowerBuilder 6 and Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7.

An application server is the heart of your enterprise computing architecture, centralizing your web content, business logic, and access to your data and legacy applications. Sybase's application server, Jaguar CTS, delivers performance, scalability, and flexibility running CORBA , COM, Java/EJB, C++, and PowerBuilder components.

If you are looking to adopt Jaguar in your enterprise, look no further. Taming Jaguar shows you how to solve the real-world problems of installing, trouble-shooting, designing, developing, and maintaining a Jaguar application. Topical chapters are organized in a Q & A format making it easy for you to quickly find the solution to your problem. They also provide foundational and background information as well as detailed technical how-tos.

Although designed so you can find your problems easily, this book is meant to be read cover-to-cover with each chapter discussing its topic exhaustively.

What's inside:


Michael J. Barlotta is the director of technology at AEGIS Consulting and a certified PowerBuilder developer. He is also the distributed technologies editor for the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal and the author of Distributed Application Development with PowerBuilder 6 and Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jason R. Weiss is independent software consultant and a former certified PowerBuilder instructor, certified PowerBuilder developer, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and Microsoft Certified Trainer. He lives in Sugar Land, Texas.

Sample Chapters

Chapters 2 and 8 of Taming Jaguar are available here in Portable Document Format (PDF); you need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software to view them. You may download Acrobat Reader here.

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"Although in a boxing ring this book would be a welterweight, weighing in at a lean 330 pages, the real punch is delivered by the heavy content of real world practical solutions and the book’s focus on the “must know” topics...The writing style is casual and creates an environment much like mentoring during a typical project. The flow and the layout of the book are very logical and present the information in the sequence most likely to be used on a real project...Taming Jaguar by Michael Barlotta and Jason R. Weiss comes with my highest recommendations for any developer attempting to master the complexities of EAServer. I look forward to reading some of the chapters again and have no reservation of giving my full endorsement to this book."
     --Boris Gasin, November/December Vol.7 Issue3, PowerTimes.com

Source Code

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