jQuery in Action

Second and third editions of this book are available.

Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz

February 2008 | 376 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988355

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A really good web development framework anticipates your needs. jQuery does more—it practically reads your mind. Developers fall in love with this JavaScript library the moment they see 20 lines of code reduced to three. jQuery is concise and readable. Its unique “chaining” model lets you perform multiple operations on a page element in succession, as in $(“div.elements”).addClass(“myClass”).load(“ajax_url”).fadeIn()

jQuery in Action is a fast-paced introduction and guide. It shows you how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax to your web pages. The book's unique “lab pages” anchor the explanation of each new concept in a practical example. You'll learn how jQuery interacts with other tools and frameworks and how to build jQuery plugins. This book requires a modest knowledge of JavaScript and Ajax.



Bear Bibeault is a web application architect for an Austin startup, and a JavaRanch senior moderator. He is the coauthor of Manning's jQuery in Action, Ajax in Practice and Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action.

Yehuda Katz is a developer with Engine Yard. He heads the jQuery plugin development team and runs Visual jQuery.


"For those new to jQuery, this book is a good primer that covers a range of common uses of the framework....The examples throughout the book are relevant, and make the point effectively. The code snippets are easily distinguishable from the rest of the text, and the text is clear and easy to follow."
Grant Palin, Blogger

"Thanks to the authors Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz and their exemplary style, this comprehensive book, or operating manual as it might be called, can be taken in a front-to-back approach to learn from scratch, or as a reference to those already dabbling in jQuery and needing verification of best practices."
Matthew McCullough, Denver Open Source Users Group

"With its capable technical coverage, extensive use of sample code, and approachable style, jQuery in Action is a valuable resource for any Web developer seeking to maximize the power of JavaScript, and a must-have for anyone interested in learning jQuery."
Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot Contributor

"I think that jQuery in Action is an excellent book that will help you learn and understand jQuery. I certainly enjoyed reading the book."
Gunnar Hillert, Atlanta Java User Group

"This is an excellent work, a worthy successor to others in Manning's "In Action" series. It is highly readable and chock-full of working code. The Lab pages are a marvelous way to explore the library, which should become an important part of every web developer's arsenal. Five stars all ‘round!"
David Sills, JavaLobby, DZone

"I highly recommend the book for learning the fundamentals of jQuery and then serving as a good reference book as you leverage the power of jQuery more and more in your daily development."
David Hayden, MVP C#, Codebetter.com

"8/10—buy it! If you want to learn jQuery then this is an excellent book..."
John Whish, Founder, Adobe ColdFusion User Group for Devon

"It works and makes for a very readable book that you can just breeze through very quickly and pick up and retain a lot of information."
Rich Strahl, blogger

"I highly recommend this book to any novice or advanced JavaScript developers who finally want to get serious about JavaScript and start writing optimized and elegant code without all the hassle of traditional JavaScript code authoring."
—Val's Blog

"jQuery in Action offers a rich investigation of the up-and-coming jQuery library for client-side JavaScript."

"The Elements of Style for Javascript."
—Joshua Heyer, Trane Inc.