iPhone in Action
Introduction to Web and SDK Development
Second edition of this book is available

Christopher Allen and Shannon Appelcline

December 2008 | 472 pages | B&W
ISBN: 193398886X

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The iPhone explodes old ideas of a cell phone. Its native SDK offers a remarkable range of features including easy-to-build graphical objects, a unique navigation system, and a built-in database, all on a location-knowledgeable device. Websites and web apps can now behave like native iPhone apps, with great network integration.

iPhone in Action is an in-depth introduction to both native and web programming for the iPhone. You'll learn how to turn your web pages into compelling iPhone web apps using WebKit, iUI, and Canvas. The authors also take you step by step into more complex Objective-C programming. They help you master the iPhone SDK including its UI and features like accelerometers, GPS, the Address Book, SQLite, and many more. Using Apple's standard tools like Dashcode, Xcode, and Interface Builder, you'll learn how to best use both approaches: iPhone web and SDK programming.

This book is intended as an introduction to its topics. Proficiency with C, Cocoa, or Objective-C is helpful but not required.



Christopher Allen is one of the leaders of the iPhone Web Developer community. He is the host of iphonewebdev.com, which is the largest community of iPhone-based web developers anywhere, and manages its mailing list. He also helped to organize iPhoneDevCamp and oversaw its Hack-a-thon. Christopher is a longtime technologist, and is also a leader in social software and was one of the authors of TLS, the next-generation SSL protocol.

Shannon Appelcline is a writer and technologist. He was a participant in Charles River Media's Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2. He has also been published by Chaosium Inc., Issaries Inc., Jones Publishing, Partizan Press, White Wolf Publishing, and Wizards of the Coast. In 2007 he wrote over 350,000 words for professional publication, including books for Mongoose Publishing and Moon Design Publications. He has also written fiction published by Green Knight Publishing and comic books published by Skotos Tech.


“I've been writing code professionally for over 24 years now, and I've been stuck over Apple's lousy documentation for the last two days, trying to figure out IB and in particular outlets. I bought your book tonight, and half an hour later, all problems are gone and I've got a massively better understanding of what's going on, to boot. ”
—Ian Wellock, CTO, Night Island Consulting

“If I were teaching a class on the basics of developing for Apple's new mobile platform, I would definitely use this as the textbook...iPhone in Action is a complete primer to iPhone development.”
Victor Agreda, Jr., The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Review

“There is not another iPhone title that does such a great coverage of both Web and SDK topics under one roof, thus providing a well-rounded developer education.”
Vladimir Pasman, Cocoacast.com

“The folks this book is really targeted to (and perfect for) are those people that have done some web development and/or have experience in Objective-C that are looking for some help and guidance as they venture into development for the iPhone. iPhone in Action excels at providing detailed, organized, and clear information on the development particularities concerning the iPhone...iPhone in Action is the must-have book for developers looking to enter the realm of iPhone development.”
Cody Overcash, Founder, ModMyi.com

“I hate to be dramatic here but iPhone in Action was another smash hit by Manning Publications. Whether you are a novice programmer or an advanced programmer new to the iPhone platform, you are going to finish this book feeling ready to take on the world.”
Panah Rad, iPhoneAppsFinder.com

“...Well suited for existing programmers who want comprehensive coverage of the iPhone platform, the development of webapps, and the key concepts in developing native apps with the SDK along with examples.”
Peter Cooper, Mobile Orchard

“This book is invaluable for beginners because it shows you all the possibilities of both web and SDK and it introduces all the key topics—something no other single title does. Experts will want this title too for the detailed web development topics.”
Mark Johnson