Silverlight 2 in Action

Revised edition of this book is available

Chad A. Campbell and John Stockton

October 2008 | 400 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988428

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Microsoft describes Silverlight as a "cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web." That's a really boring description for a really exciting new technology. Anyone who has looked at the demos and gotten a taste of what Silverlight can do knows that Silverlight represents an entirely new level of rich web interface technology for Microsoft developers. With Silverlight 2, developers can use JavaScript, VB, C#, Python, and Ruby to build user-friendly, interactive, and visually-dazzling web applications that work in most major browsers.

Silverlight 2 in Action is the first book to cover Silverlight 2, a far more robust implementation of Silverlight than the current 1 release that supports only JavaScript. The much-anticipated 2 release adds powerful new features along with the ability to code in multiple languages and integrate your work with Visual Studio and the new Expression suite of tools. This book delivers real-world examples and in-depth walkthroughs to help you confidently enhance your web applications using Silverlight 2.

Silverlight 2 in Action devotes extensive coverage to flexible layout components, the extensible control model, the communication framework, and the data-binding features—all cornerstones of software development. Author and Microsoft MVP Chad Campbell also describes rich media and vivid graphical and animation features. The final chapters include a variety of Silverlight deployment scenarios.

In addition to the fundamentals of Silverlight, you'll be introduced to architectural components such as the Silverlight object model. The book addresses the developer/designer collaboration model Silverlight enables, showing the developer how to include the designer effectively in the project workflow. This model is illustrated throughout the examples.

For ongoing reader support, the author will maintain a dedicated book-support website providing up-to-the-minute working examples, complete with source code, all in Silverlight.



Chad Campbell is a Microsoft MVP and solutions architect. He has been developing enterprise-level web applications with a wide variety of technologies since 1999. Beginning with the initial public release of what would become Silverlight in 2006, Chad hit the ground running and has not looked back. He holds MCSD and MCTS certifications. In addition, Chad has a BS degree from Purdue University where he focused his studies on computer science and minored in psychology.

John Stockton has been developing advanced web applications using Microsoft technologies for fortune 500 companies and government agencies for the last decade. He is very active in the local community by speaking at and organizing events and is also an active member of the online Silverlight community. In his free time John enjoys model railroading, woodworking, being active outdoors and playing with his two year old son.


“I recommend this book for anyone getting started with Silverlight, or for those working with Silverlight at the intermediate level.”
Dennis Hayes, asp.netPRO

Silverlight 2 in Action gives you a solid, well-thought out and coherent foundation for building RIA web applications, and provides you with lots of technical details without ever becoming cloudy.”
—Golo Roden, author, trainer and speaker for .NET technologies

“All in all, this book is excellent to begin Silverlight, and also to come back to regularly.”
Philippe Vialatte,

“...Improve your Silverlight skill in a very short time.”
Michael Sync,

“I've read a number of Silverlight books to date; many suffer the scars of having been begun for earlier Silverlight versions and have had to be updated as Silverlight has changed. Silverlight 2 In Action does not suffer from this -- it is feature-complete for the Silverlight 2 RTW (release) version and I do not believe I have seen any Silverlight book yet that has this much detail on virtually all the facets of Silverlight development.”
Peter Bromberg, co-founder of

“I'm strongly recommending this book to everyone, whether you're a professional developer or just a beginner and want to learn the basics of Silverlight to experience the tips and tricks of building RIAs. After thoroughly reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that this book is enough to turn this world around with Silverlight.”
Faisal Khan, DotNetSlackers

“If you want to learn Silverlight 2, get this book...Two thumbs up.”
Pete Brown, .NET Architect, Applied Information Sciences, Microsoft MVP

“For the 3 years or so I have known Chad Campbell, he has been at the vanguard of technologies such as Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). As an early adopter and an active community participant, his incisive and vocal feedback has been valuable to us as we built and iterated over these products. The unique insights he has gained as a result are apparent throughout this book. If you are new to Silverlight, you simply must have this book by your side. Even if you have developed Silverlight applications before, you will find many things in this book you did not previously know.”
—Ashish Shetty, Silverlight Program Manager at Microsoft, from the Foreword

“The book itself is written in an easy to follow style, covering all the elements of Silveright you need to get up and running, while answering those questions in the back of your mind.”
Richard Costall, MVP, MCSD.NET