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    Out of Print titles listed below may still be available in eBook format or in revised editions. A list of Cancelled MEAPs that will not be published can be found here.

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50 Android Hacks
ActiveMQ in Action
Activiti in Action
Agile ALM
Agile Metrics in Action
Ajax in Action
Ajax in Practice
Akka in Action
Algorithms of the Intelligent Web
Algorithms of the Intelligent Web, Second Edition
Amazon Web Services in Action
Android in Action, Third Edition
Android in Practice
AngularJS in Action
AngularJS in Depth
Anyone Can Create an App
Apache Cordova in Action
ArcGIS Web Development
Arduino in Action
Arquillian in Action
Art of Java Web Development
ASP.NET MVC 4 in Action
AspectJ in Action
AspectJ in Action, Second Edition
Azure in Action
Barcodes with iOS
BDD in Action
Becoming Agile
Big Data
Big Data Warehousing
Bitter Java
Building the Web of Things
C++ Concurrency in Action
C++/CLI in Action
C# in Depth, Second Edition
C# in Depth, Third Edition
Camel in Action
Camel in Action, Second Edition
Client/Server Yellow Pages
Clojure in Action
Clojure in Action, Second Edition
CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action
Code Generation in Action
CoffeeScript in Action
Collective Intelligence in Action
Continuous Integration in .NET
CORS in Action
D3.js in Action
Dart in Action
Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection in .NET
Design for the Mind
Docker in Action
Docker in Practice
DSLs in Action
Dynamic WAP Application Development
Eclipse in Action
Effective Unit Testing
EJB 3 in Action
EJB 3 in Action, Second Edition
Elasticsearch in Action
Elixir in Action
Ember.js in Action
Enterprise OSGi in Action
Erlang and OTP in Action
Express in Action
Ext JS in Action
Ext JS in Action, Second Edition
Extending jQuery
F# Deep Dives
Fast ASP.NET Websites
Flex Mobile in Action
Functional Programming in Java
Functional Programming in JavaScript
Functional Programming in Scala
Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling
Functional Reactive Programming
Generative Art
Geoprocessing with Python
Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular and Node
Git in Practice
Gnuplot in Action
Gnuplot in Action, Second Edition
Go in Action
Go in Practice
Go Web Programming
Gradle in Action
Grails in Action
Grails in Action, Second Edition
Graphics Programming with Perl
Griffon in Action
Grokking Algorithms
Grokking Functional Programming
Groovy in Action
Groovy in Action, Second Edition
GWT in Action, Second Edition
Hadoop in Action
Hadoop in Action, Second Edition
Hadoop in Practice
Hadoop in Practice, Second Edition
Hapi.js in Action
HBase in Action
Hello App Inventor!
Hello! HTML5 and CSS3
Hello! iOS Development
Hello! Python
Hello Raspberry Pi!
Hello World! Second Edition
Hibernate in Action (also Hibernate 實作手冊 - Chinese Edition)
HTML5 for .NET Developers
HTML5 in Action
iBatis in Action
Introducing Data Science
Ionic in Action
iOS 4 in Action
iOS 7 in Action
iOS Development with Swift
iOS in Practice
iPhone and iPad in Action
IronPython in Action
Irresistible APIs
iText in Action, Second Edition
Illustrated Guide to HTTP
IntelliJ IDEA in Action
Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf
Java 8 in Action
Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition
JavaScript Application Design
Java Testing with Spock
JBoss in Action
JMX in Action
jQuery in Action, Second Edition
jQuery in Action, Third Edition
jQuery UI in Action
JSTL in Action
JUnit in Action, Second Edition
JUnit Recipes
Kanban in Action
Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches
Learn ConfigMgr 2012 in a Month of Lunches
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches
Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches
Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches
Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches
Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches
Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition
Liferay in Action
Linked Data
LINQ in Action
Lucene in Action, Second Edition
Machine Learning in Action
MacRuby in Action
Mahout in Action
Making Java Groovy
Making Sense of NoSQL
Maximum MIDI
Mesos in Action
Metaprogramming in .NET
Meteor in Action
Microsoft Office Essentials
Minimal Perl
Mondrian in Action
MongoDB in Action
MongoDB in Action, Second Edition
Mule in Action
Mule in Action, Second Edition
Neo4j in Action
Netty in Action
NHibernate in Action
Node.js in Action
Node.js in Action, Second Edition
Node.js in Practice
NW.js in Action
Object Oriented Perl
OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide
OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification Guide
Oculus Rift in Action
Open-Source ESBs in Action
Open Source SOA
OpenStack in Action
OpenCL in Action
OSGi in Action
PHP in Action
Play for Java
Play for Scala
Portlets and Apache Portals
Portlets in Action
PostGIS in Action
PostGIS in Action, Second Edition
PowerShell and WMI
PowerShell Deep Dives
PowerShell in Depth
PowerShell in Depth, Second Edition
PowerShell in Practice
Practical Data Science with R
Practical Probabilistic Programming
Practical Recommender Systems
Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists
Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
Python and Tkinter Programming
R in Action
R in Action, Second Edition
RabbitMQ in Action
RabbitMQ in Depth
Rails 3 in Action
Rails 4 in Action
RavenDB in Action
Reactive Application Development
Reactive Design Patterns
Reactive Extensions in Action
Reactive Web Applications
Real-World Functional Programming
Real-World Machine Learning
Redis in Action
Re-Engineering Legacy Software
Relevant Search
Restlet in Action
RSS and Atom In Action
Sails.js in Action
Sass and Compass in Action
SBT in Action
Scala in Action
Scala in Depth
Scalatra in Action
SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition
Seam in Action
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition
Selenium WebDriver in Practice
Sencha Touch in Action
Server-Based Java Programming
SharePoint 2010 Site Owner's Manual
SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action
SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action
Silverlight 5 in Action
Single Page Web Applications
SOA Governance in Action
SOA Patterns
SOA Security
Soft Skills
Software Development Metrics
Solr in Action
SonarQube in Action
SPA Design and Architecture
Spark GraphX in Action
Spark in Action
Specification by Example
Spring Batch in Action
Spring Boot in Action
Spring in Action, Third Edition
Spring in Action, Fourth Edition
Spring in Practice
Spring Integration in Action
SQL Server DMVs in Action
SQL Server MVP Deep Dives
SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2
SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications, Second Edition
Storm Applied
Streaming Data
Struts 2 in Action
Struts in Action
Subversion in Action
Swing Second Edition
SWT/JFace in Action
Taming Text
Tapestry in Action
Test Driven
The Art of Unit Testing
The Art of Unit Testing, Second Edition
The Cloud at Your Service
The Joy of Clojure, Second Edition
The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook
The Mikado Method
The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift
The Responsive Web
The Quick Python Book
The Quick Python Book, Second Edition
The Well-Grounded Java Developer
The Well-Grounded Rubyist
The Well-Grounded Rubyist, Second Edition
Third-Party JavaScript
Tika in Action
Understanding Enterprise SOA
Unified Log Processing
Unity in Action
Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
Using the TI-84 Plus, Second Edition
Web Components in Action
Website Owner's Manual
Wicket in Action
Windows Phone 7 in Action
Windows Phone 8 in Action
Windows PowerShell in Action, Second Edition
Windows Store App Development
wxPython in Action
XSLT Quickly
Zend Framework in Action

Out of Print Titles

Manning has published titles that are no longer in print. The following is a list of our Out of Print titles, including author and ISBN. You may be able to find them in used bookstores but these books are no longer available through normal retail channels nor are they available from Manning. Some titles may still be available in eBook format or in revised editions.

.NET Multithreading by Alan Dennis (ISBN: 1930110545)
3D User Interfaces with Java 3D by Jon Barrilleaux (ISBN: 1884777902)
ADO.NET Programming by Arlen Feldman (ISBN: 1930110294)
Adobe AIR in Action by Joey Lott, Kathryn Rotondo, Sam Ahn and Ashley Atkins (ISBN: 1933988487)
Advanced OWL 5.0 by Ted Neward (ISBN: 1884777465)
Android in Action, Second Edition by W. Frank Ableson, Robi Sen, and Chris King (ISBN: 9781935182726)
Ant in Action by Steve Loughran and Erik Hatcher (ISBN: 193239480X)
ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in Action by Darren Neimke (ISBN: 193239477X)
ASP.NET 4.0 in Practice by Daniele Bochicchio, Stefano Mostarda, and Marco De Sanctis (ISBN: 9781935182467)
ASP.NET Ajax in Action by Alessandro Gallo, David Barkol, and Rama Krishna Vavilala (ISBN:1933988142)
ASP.NET MVC in Action by Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, and Jimmy Bogard (ISBN: 1933988622)
ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action by Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, Jimmy Bogard, Eric Hexter, and Matthew Hinze (ISBN: 9781935182795)
Bitter EJB by Bruce Tate, Mike Clark, Bob Lee, Patrick Linskey (ISBN: 1930110952)
Brownfield Application Development in .NET by Kyle Baley and Donald Belcham (ISBN: 1933988711)
Building Secure and Reliable Network Applications by Kenneth P. Birman (ISBN: 1884777295)
C# in Depth by Jon Skeet (ISBN: 1933988363)
C# in Depth, Second Edition by Jon Skeet (ISBN: 9781935182474)
Client/Server Applications on ATM Networks by Daniel Minoli and Andrew Schmidt (ISBN: 137353006)
Coffeehouse by Levi Asher and Christian Crumlish, editors (ISBN: 1884777384)
Comprehensive Networking Glossary and Acronym Guide by Gary Scott Malkin (ISBN: 013319955X)
Core OWL 5.0 by Ted Neward (ISBN: 1884777503)
Data Munging with Perl by David Cross (ISBN: 1930110006)
Designing Hard Software by Douglas W. Bennett (ISBN: 133046192)
Developing Games That Learn by Leonard Dorfman and Narendra K. Ghosh (ISBN: 135696178)
Distributed and Parallel Computing by Hesham El-Rewini and Ted G. Lewis (ISBN: 1884777511)
Distributed Application Development with PowerBuilder 6.0 by Michael J. Barlotta (ISBN: 1884777686)
Distributed Programming with Java by Qusay H. Mahmoud (ISBN: 1884777651)
Doing IT Right by Harold Lorin (ISBN: 133964256)
Domino Development with Java by Anthony Patton (ISBN: 1930110049)
DSLs in Boo: Domain Specific Languages in .NET by Oren Eini writing as Ayende Rahien (ISBN: 1933988606)
EJB Cookbook by Benjamin G. Sullins and Mark B. Whipple (ISBN: 1930110944)
Elements of Programming with Perl by Andrew L. Johnson (ISBN: 1884777805)
Entity Framework 4 in Action by Stefano Mostarda, Marco De Sanctis, and Daniele Bochicchio (ISBN: 9781935182184)
Essential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization by Tony DeLia, Galina Landres, Isidor Rivera, Prakash Sankaran (ISBN: 1884777929)
Event Processing in Action by Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett (ISBN: 9781935182214)
Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web by Thomas B. Passin (ISBN: 1932394206)
Extending and Embedding Perl by Tim Jenness and Simon Cozens (ISBN: 1930110820)
Flex 3 in Action by Tariq Ahmed with Jon Hirschi and Faisal Abid (ISBN: 1933988746)
Flex 4 in Action by Tariq Ahmed, Dan Orlando, John C. Bland II, and Joel Hooks (ISBN: 9781935182429)
Flex on Java by Bernerd Allmon and Jeremy Anderson (ISBN: 1933988797)
Flexible Rails by Peter Armstrong (ISBN: 1933988509)
Graphics File Formats by C. Wayne Brown and Barry J. Shepherd (ISBN: 133034054)
GWT in Action by Robert Hanson and Adam Tacy (ISBN: 1933988231)
GWT in Practice by Robert Cooper and Charles Collins (ISBN: 1933988290)
Hello! Flex 4 by Peter Armstrong (ISBN: 1933988762)
Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners by Warren D. Sande and Carter Sande (ISBN: 1933988495)
Hibernate Quickly by Patrick Peak and Nick Heudecker (ISBN: 1932394419)
Hibernate Search in Action by Emmanuel Bernard and John Griffin (ISBN: 1933988649)
High Performance Computer Imaging by Ihtisham Kabir (ISBN: 132683016)
How to Deliver Client/Server Applications that Work by Alex Bakman (ISBN: 013304601X)
Implementing Elliptic Curve Cryptography by Michael Rosing (ISBN: 1884777694)
Implementing PeopleSoft Financials by Early Stephens (ISBN: 138411808)
Implementing SAP R/3 by Nancy Bancroft with Henning Seip and Andrea Sprengel (ISBN: 013889213X)
Inside LotusScript by Joe McGinn (ISBN: 1884777481)
Instant Messaging in Java by Iain Shigeoka (ISBN: 1930110464)
Internet and Intranet Applications with PowerBuilder 6 by Tom Cervenka (ISBN: 1884777600)
Internet BBSs by Richard Scott Mark (ISBN: 132869985)
iPhone in Action by Christopher Allen and Shannon Appelcline (ISBN: 193398886X)
iText in Action by Bruno Lowagie (ISBN: 1932394796)
J2EE and XML Development by Kurt A. Gabrick and David B. Weiss (ISBN: 1930110308)
Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 by Michael Barlotta (ISBN: 1884777864)
Java 2 Micro Edition by James P. White and David A. Hemphill (ISBN: 1930110332)
Java 3D Programming by Daniel Selman (ISBN: 1930110359)
Java Applets and Channels Without Programming by Ronny Richardson, Michael Shoffner, Marq Singer, Bruce Murray, and Jack Gambol (ISBN: 1884777392)
Java Development with Ant by Erik Hatcher and Steve Loughran (ISBN: 1930110588)
Java Foundation Classes by Stephen C. Drye and William C. Wake (ISBN: 1884777678)
Java Network Programming by Merlin Hughes, Michael Shoffner, and Derek Hamner (ISBN: 188477749X)
JavaServer Faces in Action by Kito D. Mann (ISBN: 1932394125)
Java Persistence with Hibernate by Christian Bauer and Gavin King (ISBN: 1932394885)
Java Reflection in Action by Ira R. Forman and Nate Forman (ISBN: 1932394184)
Java Servlets by Example by Alan R. Williamson (ISBN: 188477766X)
JavaFX in Action by Simon Morris (ISBN: 1933988991)
JDK 1.4 Tutorial by Gregory M. Travis (ISBN: 1930110456)
Jess in Action by Ernest Friedman-Hill (ISBN: 1930110898)
The Joy of Clojure by Michael Fogus and Chris Houser (ISBN: 9781935182641)
jQuery in Action by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz (ISBN: 1933988355)
JSP Tag Libraries by Gal Shachor, Adam Chace, Magnus Rydin (ISBN: 193011009X)
JUnit in Action by Vincent Massol with Ted Husted (ISBN: 1930110995)
Kermit 95+ by The Kermit Project at Columbia University (ISBN: 1930110057)
Laszlo in Action by Norman Klein and Max Carlson with Glenn MacEwen (ISBN: 1932394834)
LDAP Programming, Management and Integration by Clayton Donley (ISBN: 1930110405)
Lift in Action by Timothy Perrett (ISBN: 9781935182801)
Location-Aware Applications by Richard Ferraro and Murat Aktihanoglu (ISBN: 9781935182337)
Lucene in Action by Erik Hatcher and Otis Gospodnetić (ISBN: 1932394281)
Magical A-Life Avatars by Peter Small (ISBN: 1884777589)
Making Sense of Java by Bruce Simpson, John Mitchell, Brian Christeson, Rehan Zaidi, and Jonathan Levine (ISBN: 132632942)
Mastering Tools, Taming Daemons by Dean Brock and Friends (ISBN: 132280167)
Microsoft Reporting Services in Action by Teo Lachev (ISBN: 1932394222)
Microsoft .NET for Programmers by Fergal Grimes (ISBN: 1930110197)
Mobile Agents by William R. Cockayne and Michael Zyda, editors (ISBN: 1884777368)
Multiprotocol over ATM by Andrew Schmidt and Daniel Minoli (ISBN: 138892709)
Object Oriented Application Frameworks by Ted Lewis and friends (ISBN: 132139847)
Object Technology Centers of Excellence by Timothy D. Korson and Vijay K. Vaishnavi (ISBN: 132612313)
Objective-C Fundamentals by Christopher K. Fairbairn, Johannes Fahrenkrug, and Collin Ruffenach (ISBN: 9781935182535)
Oracle8i Database Administration by Noel Yuhanna (ISBN: 1884777783)
OSGi in Depth by Alexandre de Castro Alves (ISBN: 9781935182177)
PIKS Foundation C: Programmer's Guide by William K. Pratt (ISBN: 131723391)
Pegasus Mail for Windows by David J. Kocmoud, J. Matthew Pierce, and Michael O. Stegman (ISBN: 132619008)
Personal Videoconferencing by Evan Rosen (ISBN: 013268327X)
PFC Programmer's Reference Manual by Richard Brooks (ISBN: 1884777554)
Planning and Managing ATM Networks by Daniel Minoli, Thomas W. Golway, and Norris P. Smith (ISBN: 132621894)
POJOs in Action by Chris Richardson (ISBN: 1932394583)
Power-3D by Kyle Lussier (ISBN: 138412146)
PowerBuilder 6.0 Questions & Answers by Tim Hatton (ISBN: 1884777708)
Practical LotusScript by Anthony Patton (ISBN: 1884777767)
Practical Software Requirements by Benjamin L. Kovitz (ISBN: 1884777597)
Professional's Guide to Robust Spreadsheets:With Examples in Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel by Ronny Richardson (ISBN: 013262320X)
Programming Mac OS X by Kevin O'Malley (ISBN: 1930110855)
Programming Windows Server 2003 by Robert Hill Foster (ISBN: 1930110987)
Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action by Dave Crane and Bear Bibeault with Tom Locke (ISBN: 1933988037)
Remote LAN Access by Jeffrey N. Fritz (ISBN: 134944518)
Ruby for Rails by David A. Black (ISBN: 1932394699)
Ruby in Practice by Jeremy McAnally and Assaf Arkin (ISBN: 1933988479)
SCBCD Exam Study Kit : Java Business Component Developer Certification for EJB by Paul Sanghera (ISBN: 1932394400)
SCWCD Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification by Hanumant Deshmukh and Jignesh Malavia (ISBN: 1930110596)
SharePoint 2007 Developer's Guide to Business Data Catalog by Brett Lonsdale, Nick Swan (ISBN: 1933988819)
Silverlight 2 in Action by Chad A. Campbell and John Stockton (ISBN: 1933988428)
Silverlight 4 in Action by Pete Brown (ISBN: 9781935182375)
Smalltalk, Objects, and Design by Chamond Liu (ISBN: 132683350)
SNA and TCP/IP Enterprise Networking by Daniel C. Lynch, James P. Gray, and Edward Rabinovitch, editors (ISBN: 131271687)
Spring in Action by Craig Walls and Ryan Breidenbach (ISBN: 1932394354)
Spring Dynamic Modules in Action by Arnaud Cogoluègnes, Thierry Templier, and Andy Piper (ISBN: 9781935182306)
Spring in Action, Second Edition Craig Walls with Ryan Breidenbach (ISBN: 1933988134)
Spring Roo in Action by Ken Rimple and Srini Penchikala (ISBN: 9781935182962)
SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services in Action by Bret Updegraff (ISBN: 1932394761)
SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action by Rod Colledge (ISBN: 193398872X)
SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications by Galina and Vlad Landres (ISBN: 1884777775)
Struts Recipes by George Franciscus and Danilo Gurovich (ISBN: 1932394249)
Swing by Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev (ISBN: 1884777848)
Taming Jaguar by Michael J. Barlotta and Jason R. Weiss (ISBN: 1930110030)
TCP/IP Programming for OS/2 by Steven Gutz (ISBN: 132612496)
Team Foundation Server 2008 in Action by Jamil Azher (ISBN: 1933988592)
Technology Paradise Lost by Erik Keller (ISBN: 1932394133)
Ten Years of UserFriendly.Org by JD “Illiad” Frazer (ISBN: 9781935182122)
The Awesome Power of Direct3D/DirectX by Peter J. Kovach (ISBN: 1884777473)
The Awesome Power of Java Beans by Lawrence H. Rodrigues (ISBN: 1884777562)
The Awesome Power of Power++ by Tim Hatton (ISBN: 1884777546)
The Awesome Power of PowerJ by Tim Hatton (ISBN: 1884777538)
The Quick Python Book by Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald (ISBN: 1884777740)
Tuscany SCA in Action by Simon Laws, Mark Combellack, Raymond Feng, Haleh Mahbod, Simon Nash (ISBN: 9781933988894)
Unlocking Android by W. Frank Ableson, Charlie Collins, and Robi Sen (ISBN: 1933988673)
Up to Speed with Swing, Second Edition by Steven Gutz (ISBN: 1884777759)
Visual Object Oriented Programming by Margaret M. Burnett, Adele Goldberg, and Ted G. Lewis (ISBN: 131723979)
Visual Programming with Prograph CPX by Scott B. Steinman and Kevin G. Carver (ISBN: 134411633)
Web Development with Apache and Perl by Theo Petersen (ISBN: 1930110065)
Web Development with JavaServer Pages by Duane K. Fields and Mark A. Kolb (ISBN: 1884777996)
Web Development with JavaServer Pages, Second Edition by Duane K. Fields, Mark A. Kolb, and Shawn Bayern (ISBN: 193011012X)
WebWork in Action by Patrick Lightbody and Jason Carreira (ISBN: 1932394532)
Windows 95 Liferaft by Ronny Richardson (ISBN: 0134920422)
Windows Forms Programming with C# by Erik Brown (ISBN: 1930110286)
Windows PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette (ISBN: 1932394907)
Working with Objects by Trygve Reenskaug (ISBN: 134529308)
WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008 by Arlen Feldman and Maxx Daymon (ISBN: 1933988223)
XDoclet in Action by Craig Walls and Norman Richards (ISBN: 1932394052)
XML Programming with VB and ASP by Mark Wilson and Tracey Wilson (ISBN: 1884777872)

Cancelled MEAPs

  We regret that Manning Publications will not be publishing these titles.