Azure in Action

Chris Hay and Brian H. Prince

October 2010 | 488 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781935182481

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud service with good scalability, pay-as-you-go service, and a low start-up cost. Based on Windows, it includes an operating system, developer services, and a familiar data model.

Azure in Action is a fast-paced tutorial that introduces cloud development and the Azure platform. The book starts with the logical and physical architecture of an Azure app, and quickly moves to the core storage services—BLOB storage, tables, and queues. Then, it explores designing and scaling frontend and backend services that run in the cloud. Through clear, crisp examples, you'll discover all facets of Azure, including the development fabric, web roles, worker roles, BLOBs, table storage, queues, and more.

This book requires basic C# skills. No prior exposure to cloud development or Azure is needed.


About the Author

A Microsoft MVP specializing in high-transaction databases, Chris Hay is a popular speaker and founder of the Cambridge, UK, .NET usergroup. Brian H. Prince is a Microsoft Architect Evangelist who helps customers adopt the cloud.


“This book is the perfect guide on your journey into the Cloud. If you are a .NET developer you should definitely read this book. Cloud computing is becoming a major topic for the future and the Microsoft Azure Platform is the way to go for .NET developers.”
Jonas Bandi, Software Architect

“Azure in Action is the definitive guide for Windows Azure, covering everything from architectural decisions to the nuts and bolts of implementation. Even before the book was published, a number of us were using the contents of this book to teach Azure to thousands of developers around the world. Chris Hay and Brian Prince did a great job of explaining the motivation for moving to the cloud, architectural paradigms that work in Azure, and the details of implementing the architecture. This book is a great introduction for developers who want to move to Azure and an even better reference guide for experienced developers throughout their adventures in the cloud. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Azure development.”
Brian Blanchard , Chief Architect, HyperVize

“All facets of Azure developer are covered: development fabric, web roles, worker roles, blobs, table storage, queues, SQL Azure, AppFabric, etc. Whether you're new to Azure, or a seasoned professional, Azure In Action is a bookshelf requirement if you're working with Azure.”
Kevin Griffin, Client App Dev MVP, Antech Systems

“In Azure in Action, Chris Hay and Brian Prince take a very feature rich and powerful platform in Windows Azure, and break it down into chunks that are fun and easy to digest. I have read my fair share of technical books, and many can be quite dull to read. The authors' passion and sense of humor make their book a pleasure to read and ensure you won't be wondering how many pages are left to the end of the chapter.”
Michael S. Collier, Architect, Centric Consulting

“If you're at the point where your considering Azure, would just like to learn the platform, or have a good reference for what features are in the platform, it's definitely a good read.”
Brian Hitney, Sr. Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

“Brian is a man with a great wealth of knowledge about the Azure platform, and this book is the closest that you can get to having him sit beside you as you embark on your Azure journey.”
Jason Follas, Technical Architect, Perficient, Inc.

“If you are exploring or actively developing applications for Windows Azure, this is a must have book.”
Jim White, Director of Training, Intertech, Inc.

Azure in Action looks on pace to be a must for any developer... In fact, the content is making me consider moving my own startup to Windows Azure.”
Chad Campbell, author of Silverlight 2 in Action