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Elixir in Action


Saša Jurić

MEAP Began: December 2013
Softbound print: June 2015 (est.) | 375 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781617292019

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Table of Contents, MEAP Chapters & Resources

Table of Contents         Resources 
Part 1: Language
  1 First steps - FREE
  2 Building blocks - AVAILABLE
  3 Control flow - AVAILABLE
  4 Data abstractions - AVAILABLE

Part 2: Platform
  5 Concurrency primitives - AVAILABLE
  6 Generic server processes - AVAILABLE
  7 Fault-tolerance basics - AVAILABLE
  8 Isolating error effects - AVAILABLE
  9 Sharing state - AVAILABLE

Part 3: Production
10 Working with components - AVAILABLE
11 Building a distributed system - AVAILABLE
12 Running the system - AVAILABLE


Erlang is a development platform, proven in large systems for more than two decades, that offers highly-efficient concurrency, scalability, and fault-tolerance. Elixir is a modern programming language that takes advantage of the Erlang Virtual Machine without the complex syntax and conventions of the Erlang language. The Elixir language offers Ruby-like elegance along with the power to develop bulletproof scalable, fault tolerant, distributed server systems that can handle massive numbers of simultaneous clients and run with almost no downtime.

Elixir in Action teaches you to apply the new Elixir programming language to practical problems associated with scalability, concurrency, fault-tolerance, and high-availability. This book starts with a quick overview of the Elixir language, mapping familiar language concepts to the Elixir syntax. Then, you'll learn to think about problems from the Elixir mindset, which builds on the model of functional-style programming. With a solid foundation, you'll confidently explore Elixir's seamless integration with the Erlang Virtual Machine and supporting OTP library that offers battle-tested, industry proven abstractions you can use immediately in your applications. Finally, the book provides guidance on how to create deployable releases, distribute the system over multiple machines, and control the running system in production.


Requires no previous experience with Elixir, Erlang, or the OTP. Readers should be experienced software developers, familiar with another programming language, such as Ruby, JavaScript, or C#.


Saša Jurić is a developer with extensive experience implementing high-volume, concurrent server side systems. He's currently using Elixir and Erlang in production to build and maintain a scalable, fault tolerant HTTP push server and the supporting backend system. He occasionally blogs about Elixir and Erlang on


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