When I was first learning Ruby, I immediately fell in love with the language. I knew early on that I wanted to work with Ruby professionally, which became possible later when I created my first startup using Ruby on Rails.

I later worked for a Ruby on Rails consulting company where I spent a few years focusing on Ruby before I headed up the mobile development department. I’ve had an interest in mobile development since I was young and it was a very exciting time to work on iOS and Android applications. With iOS development came the need to learn Objective-C, which ultimately led me into the world of Cocoa for Mac development.

I developed a few Mac applications personally and professionally and thought how great it would be if I could write Mac applications using Ruby. I’d heard of RubyCocoa, but I knew of its shortcomings. Then I learned about MacRuby: it was the solution I’d been waiting for.

When I was contacted by Manning to work on this book, I knew I’d be able to reach many other individuals who were Rubyists and who wanted to create rich Mac applications without having to use Objective-C. This book is meant for you if you love the Ruby language and want to get into Mac development

Brendan G. Lim