Erlang and OTP in Action

Martin Logan, Eric Merritt, and Richard Carlsson
Foreword by Ulf Wiger

November 2010 | 432 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988789

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Erlang is an adaptable and fault tolerant functional programming language originally designed for the unique demands of the telecom industry. With Erlang/OTP's interpreter, compiler, database server, and libraries, developers are finding they can satisfy tough uptime and performance requirements in all kinds of other industries.

Erlang and OTP in Action teaches you the concepts of concurrent programming and the use of Erlang's message-passing model. It walks you through progressively more interesting examples, building systems in Erlang and integrating them with C/C++, Java, and .NET applications, including SOA and web architectures. This book is written for readers new to Erlang and interested in creating practical applications.

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About the Author

A core developer for Erlware, Martin Logan has worked with Erlang since 1999. Eric Merritt is a core developer for Erlware and the Sinan build system. An Erlang pioneer, Richard Carlsson is an original member of the High-Performance Erlang group.


“In general, this is a worthy addition to the growing ranks of Erlang books with more of an emphasis on the process and tools of getting an application into production than most others. I found working through the examples - particularly creating, building and releasing an application, then using various tools to monitor it - gave me more confidence in proposing Erlang as a production-ready solution. This book covers everything you need to move beyond an academic interest to having a working knowledge of the language, libraries & tools needed for production application development.”
Paul Umbers, Dzone

“If you are an intermediate Erlang developer, go and buy this book! It will teach you how to build robust production systems following proven design principles and standard conventions. It will make your code easy to read and maintain. You will learn lots of new things and it will be a big step towards Erlang mastery.”
Andrey Paramonov, Software Consultant