LINQ in Action

Fabrice Marguerie, Steve Eichert and Jim Wooley

February 2008 | 576 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781933988160

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LINQ, Language INtegrated Query, is a new extension to the Visual Basic and C# programming languages designed to simplify data queries and database interaction. It addreses O/R mapping issues by making query operations like SQL statements part of the programming language. Adding to its power, LINQ is extensible and can be used to query various data sources. It offers built-in support for querying in-memory collections like arrays or lists, XML, DataSets, and relational databases.

LINQ in Action is a fast-paced, comprehensive tutorial for professional developers who want to use LINQ. This book explores what can be done with LINQ, shows you how it works in an application, and addresses the emerging best practices. It presents the general purpose query facilities offered by LINQ in the upcoming C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 languages. A running example introduces basic LINQ concepts. You'll then learn to query unstructured data using LINQ to XML and relational data with LINQ to SQL. Finally, you'll see how to extend LINQ for custom applications.

LINQ in Action will guide you along as you navigate this new world of lambda expressions, query operators, and expression trees. You'll also explore the new features of C# 3.0, VB.NET 9.0. The book is very practical, anchoring each new idea with running code.

You will discover all the basics needed to get a clear understanding of LINQ. Whether you want to use LINQ to query objects, XML documents, or relational databases, you will find all the information you need to get started.

But LINQ in Action does not stop at the basic code. This book also shows you how LINQ can be used for advanced processing of data. This includes coverage of LINQ's extensibility, which allows querying more data sources than those supported by default.

All code samples are built on a concrete business case. The running example, LinqBooks, is a personal book cataloging system that shows you how to create LINQ applications with Visual Studio 2008.


LINQ in Action is for developers with a working knowledge of the .NET Framework and C# or VB.NET.


Fabrice Marguerie is a software architect and developer based in Paris, France. Fabrice is a C# MVP and has been working with LINQ from the first prototypes.

Steve Eichert is a Senior Software Engineer for Algorithmics, Inc. based in Philadelphia, PA.

Jim Wooley has been working with .Net since PDC 2000 and has been actively evangelizing LINQ since its annoucement in 2005. He leads the Atlanta VB Study Group and serves as INETA Membership Manager for the Georgia region.


"LINQ in Action is a valid aid for understanding and using the new Linq's "beasts": query operators, lambda expressions, and expression trees, always with a lot of significant and useful code snippets. In particular I appreciated the examples on hybrid use of heterogeneous databases."
--Gianni Giaccaglini, Italian electronics and IT author

"LINQ in Action is a detailed introduction to LINQ, that can be recommended to anyone who uses .NET as a development platform. A really important aspect of this book is that you start to think in LINQ, and you do not only use LINQ to query SQL or XML data sources, but you can use LINQ to get several other things done in a more elegant way."
--Golo Roden, Author, Speaker and Trainer for .NET and related technologies,

"I'm very impressed how very complex ideas are explained in a very simple way."
--Jose Rolando Guay Paz, Web Developer, CSW Solutions

"This book will be a reference on my book shelf. I expect to refer to this book constantly."
--Joseph Guadagno, Founder, Southeast Valley .NET User Group

"Linq in Action is definitely the official learning guide to learn LINQ, it has history, the pros and cons, the why , the when and how of LINQ."
--Carlos A. Lone, Guatemala .NET User Group

"This book was the single best source for truly learning LINQ and all of its standard providers. It has even helped me deliver a .Net user group talk on the topic. It is well worth the cost and the time."
--Adam Wolf, Southeast Valley .NET User Group

"What I liked best about LINQ in Action is how the authors start each new section with straightforward, easy-to-follow examples that highlight the most important features. Next, they pull back the curtains and show how the LINQ queries and features are actually implemented."
--Scott Mitchell, MSDN Magazine, July edition readers name LINQ in Action "The best book about C#/LINQ".
"Frankly, if you decide that you need to make an investment in learning what LINQ is, how to use it, and why it can help you, and you can only buy one book, then this is the one you should buy."

"I have really enjoyed this book. LINQ is something that I have prayed for since the start of .NET. Finally there is a elegant bridge between the object and relational worlds. You have done a very good job of presenting the material."
--Leo Brown, Software Developer

"I just wanted to comment on how good I have found this book. The book doesn't just focus on Linq to SQL, but instead covers all aspects of the framework so you will have a great understanding."
-- Ben Hall's Blog

"The book is absolutely very informative. It really got me started understanding and using LINQ."
--Bas Peters, IT Specialist, The Netherlands

"I reviewed Link in Action and I must say this will be the only required book for learning LINQ. I loved the book!"
--Mohammad Azam

"This is one of the best overall tutorial texts on software development I have ever come across in 15 years of delivering developer training. It's a truly GREAT book. It is completely obvious that the lead author is an instructor. Only an instructor has the experience and perspective to structure a book in this way. The flow is excellent and very easy to follow."
--Daniel Mezick, New Technology Solutions Inc.

"I think that the authors made a great job at writing a book that can be read from cover to cover."
-- Patrick Smacchia [MVP C#],

"For anyone looking to learn more (about LINQ), "LINQ in Action" is fantastic."
--ASP.NET Forums Team

"To summarize: for me, this is the only required book for learning LINQ. If you want to know LINQ and love it, you must read this book!!!"
--Maor David, Coding Paradise Blog

"One of the best .NET books ever written."
-- Eric W. Engler, Amazon reviewer

"I read LINQ in Action cover to cover as I was recovering from being sick and it's very easy to stay with this book and actually go through the whole thing which I think is a worthwhile exercise. I rarely read books cover to cover, but in this case there was enough useful information to keep me going through. Rare indeed, but I also think that you can't look at enough LINQ examples to get some good ideas on how to apply this technology."
--Rick Strahl's Web Log