ASP.NET MVC in Action
With MvcContrib, NHibernate, and more
Second edition of this book is available

Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, and Jimmy Bogard
Foreword by Phil Haack

September 2009 | 392 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988622

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ASP.NET MVC implements the Model-View-Controller pattern on the ASP.NET runtime. It works well with open source projects like NHibernate, Castle, StructureMap, AutoMapper, and MvcContrib.

ASP.NET MVC in Action is a guide to pragmatic MVC-based web development. After a thorough overview, it dives into issues of architecture and maintainability. The book assumes basic knowledge of ASP.NET (v. 3.5) and expands your expertise. Some of the topics covered:

The book's many examples are in C#.


Jeffrey Palermo is co-creator of MvcContrib. Jimmy Bogard and Ben Scheirman are consultants and .NET community leaders. All are Microsoft MVPs and members of ASPInsiders.


“Does a great job of walking developers through an introduction to MVC development that feels or reads like spending time with another developer at a whiteboard.”
Michael K. Campbell, DevConnections

“... a "must read" for anyone who is serious about developing with the ASP.NET MVC framework.”
Steve Michelotti, Microsoft MVP,

“The authors clearly have a lot of experience with the framework and I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about building web applications with ASP.NET MVC.”
Jeremy Skinner, ASP.NET developer and technical proofreader of the book

ASP.NET MVC in Action should be at the top of your list... I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in breaking away from the pains of ASP.NET WebForms.”
Andrew Siemer, Principal Architect, OTX Research

“...does a good job of not only showing you what to do, but also provides cautionary words to avoid poor practices that may lead to maintenance issues on non-trivial applications.”
Venkat Subramanian, NoFluffJustStuff Blogs

“I really enjoyed ASP.NET MVC in Action and highly recommend it for a fresh look at the ASP.NET MVC Framework.”
David Hayden, MVP

“In the end [the authors] not only did an excellent job of putting together a great practical guide to ASP.NET MVC they also successfully embedded some subversive ALT.NET concepts that will hopeful make us all better developers. And at the end of the day that is a damn fine accomplishment.”
Bobby Johnson

ASP.NET MVC in Action will guide you from your first project through advanced topics such as AJAX and deploying on suboptimal hosting environments. The writing style is clear and concise. Diagrams and code examples are abundant. I recommend it for anyone looking for a great resource for learning about or becoming a better user of the ASP.NET MVC framework.”
Nathan Stott, Partner and Software Engineer at Whiteboard-IT

“I'm very happy with this book. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in ASP.NET MVC. Getting the 'beyond the text' that comes with the CodeCampServer is just icing on the cake, truly.”
Chris Stewart,

“At merely 300 pages ASP.NET MVC in Action is a true masterpiece...The authors, Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman and Jimmy Bogard are all considered rock stars in the ASP.NET community and they have opened up the doors to their concert with ASP.NET MVC in Action.”
Mohammad Azam, Microsoft MVP