Windows PowerShell in Action
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Also see Powershell in Practice

Bruce Payette

February 2007 | 576 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1932394-90-7

Out of Print $44.99 Softbound print book + PDF eBook
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The book on PowerShell, it has all the secrets.”
—James Truher, PowerShell Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“Bruce is a walking encyclopedia of every good, bad, solid, and wacky language idea that has been tried... This is a book that only Bruce could have written.”
—Jeffrey Snover, from the Foreword

Windows has an easy-to-use interface, but if you want to automate it, life can get hard. That is, unless you use PowerShell, an elegant new dynamic language from Microsoft designed as an all-purpose Windows scripting tool. PowerShell lets you script administrative tasks and control Windows from the command line. Because it was specifically developed for Windows, programmers and power-users can now do things in a shell that previously required VB, VBScript, or C#.

Windows PowerShell in Action was written by Bruce Payette, one of the founding members of the Windows PowerShell team, co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the PowerShell language implementation. From him you will gain a deep understanding of the language and how best to use it, and you'll love his insights into why PowerShell works the way it does.

This book is a tutorial for sysadmins and developers introducing the PowerShell language and its environment. It shows you how to build scripts and utilities to automate system tasks or create powerful system management tools to handle the day-to-day tasks that drive a Windows administrator's life. It's rich in interesting examples that will spark your imagination. The book covers batch scripting and string processing, COM, WMI, and even .NET and WinForms programming.



Bruce Payette is a founding member of the PowerShell team at Microsoft. He is a co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the language implementation. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked at Softway Systems and MKS, building UNIX tools for Windows.


“If all it had going for it was the authoratative pedigree of the writer, it might be worth it, but it's also well-written, well-organized, and thorough, which I think makes it invaluable as both a learning tool and a reference.”

“ encyclopedic tome of PowerShell scripting bringing the reader through the basics with simple shell scripts through powerful and flexible scripts any Windows systems administrator will find immediately useful.”

“[It gives you] inside information, excellent examples, and a colorful writing style.”
—Marc van Orsouw (MOW) PowerShell MVP,

“The nuances of PowerShell from the lead language designer himself! Excellent content and easy readability!—
—Keith Hill, Software Architect

“I love this book!”
—Scott Hanselman

“There's no better way to learn PowerShell than from someone on the core PowerShell team - and that's exactly what you get with this book.”
—Joe Topjian,