Windows Phone 7 in Action

Timothy Binkley-Jones, Massimo Perga and Michael Sync

August 2012 | 480 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781617290091

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Windows Phone 7 in Action is a hands-on guide to building mobile applications for WP. Written for developers who already know their way around Visual Studio, this book zips through the basics, including an intro to WP7 and Metro. Then, it moves on to the nuts and bolts of building great phone apps.

About the Technology

Windows Phone 7 is a powerful mobile platform sporting the same Metro interface as Windows 8. It offers a rich environment for apps, browsing, and media. Developers code the OS and hardware using familiar .NET tools like C# and XAML. And the new Windows Store offers an app marketplace reaching millions of users.

About the Book

Windows Phone 7 in Action is a hands-on guide to programming the WP7 platform. It zips through standard phone, text, and email controls and dives head-first into how to build great mobile apps. You'll master the hardware APIs, access web services, and learn to build location and push applications. Along the way, you'll see how to create the stunning visual effects that can separate your apps from the pack.

Written for developers familiar with .NET and Visual Studio. No WP7 or mobile experience is required.

What's Inside

About the Authors

Timothy Binkley-Jones is a software engineer with extensive experience developing commercial IT, web, and mobile applications. Massimo Perga is a software engineer at Microsoft and Michael Sync is a solution architect for Silverlight and WP7.