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Clojure in Action, Second Edition


Amit Rathore

MEAP Began: February 2013
Softbound print: October 2015 (est.) | 400 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781617291524

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Table of Contents, MEAP Chapters & Resources

Table of Contents         Resources 

  1 Introducing Clojure - FREE
  2 The elements of Clojure—data structures and functions - AVAILABLE
  3 The building blocks of Clojure—more functions, scope, namespaces, and metadata - AVAILABLE
  4 Multimethod polymorphism - AVAILABLE
  5 Exploring Clojure and Java Interop - AVAILABLE
  6 State and the concurrent world - AVAILABLE
  7 Evolving Clojure through macros - AVAILABLE
  8 More on functional programming - AVAILABLE
  9 Protocols, records, and types - AVAILABLE
10 Test-driven development and more - AVAILABLE
11 More macros and DSLs - AVAILABLE

Appendix A Installing Clojure - AVAILABLE


Lisp gets a bad rap for being old school. In fact, so-called "modern" languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and C# are still catching up to Lisp's built-in concurrency features, full macro support, immutable data-structures, and high-performance elegance. Clojure is a new Lisp that runs on the JVM and offers full interoperability with Java libraries. It's perfect for creating small, fast, concurrent code that maximizes the potential of multi-core processors. While Clojure is most often used for large-scale, data-heavy, mission-critical applications, it is also perfect for writing DSLs and utilities.

Clojure in Action, Second Edition is a fully revised edition that covers the new features available in Clojure 1.5. This book provides a rapid introduction to the Clojure language, trading abstract theory for practical examples. You'll start by learning how to use Clojure as a general-purpose language. Next, you'll delve into Clojure's efficient concurrency model, which is based on the familiar database concept of Software Transactional Memory (STM). Then you'll find a new level of productivity through Clojure DSLs that will run on the JVM. Along the way you'll discover countless tips, tricks, and techniques for writing smaller, faster, safer code.


Written for developers familiar with a programming language like C, Java, Ruby, or Python. Prior experience with Lisp is helpful but not required.


Amit Rathore has 12 years of experience building large-scale, data-heavy applications for a variety of domains, from financial systems to health care to education. He's currently the vice president and head of the Innovation Lab at Staples Global E-Commerce.


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