C# in Depth, Second Edition
Third edition of this book is now available

Jon Skeet
Foreword by Eric Lippert

November 2010 | 584 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781935182474

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C# 4 is even more expressive and powerful than earlier versions. You can do amazing things with generics, lambda expressions, dynamic typing, LINQ, iterator blocks, and other features—but you first have to learn C# in depth.

C# in Depth, Second Edition is a thoroughly revised, up-to-date book that covers the new features of C# 4 as well as Code Contracts. In it, you'll see the subtleties of C# programming in action, learning how to work with high-value features that you'll be glad to have in your toolkit. The book helps readers avoid hidden pitfalls of C# programming by understanding "behind the scenes" issues.


This book assumes its readers know the basics of C# and are ready to sink their teeth into the good stuff!

About the Author

Jon Skeet is a Google software engineer working in London. A C# MVP since 2003 and prominent C# community personality, Jon's heart belongs to C#.


“C# in depth - It follows a totally unique approach and is worth appreciating. Having known C# for a while the last thing I want is to go over another book that covers just the syntax. This is a great book for intermediate to advanced level developers who want to get into the real life usages than get to know the necessary syntax only.”
—Sam Shaw, Vice President - UTDallas .Net User group

“Of all the C# books I've read, this is by far my favorite. Anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge on C# should own this book. All of Jon's explanations are clear and easy to read, and he has obviously spent a painstaking amount of time mastering every detail of the language.”
—Kevin Miller, Amazon reviewer

“I would definitely recommend this book to any experienced programmer looking to learn C# or someone who already knows enough C# to be dangerous.”
—Kneale Alpers, Senior Software Developer, Aamon review

“I recommend this book to all the people interested in C#, skilled developers or junior freshmen: everyone makes a deal. After all, while Jon will continue to take care about C#, we can only remain “midgets on the shoulders of (the) giant”.”
Ferdinando Santacroce, Dzone

“Although Jon states that this book is aimed at a level suitable for junior developers I believe that even more experienced developers will gain something from reading this book even if its just Jon's insight into some of the language features and its uses. So would I recommend you buy this book? Yes, I believe you will find it invaluable.”
Nathan Gloyn

“Jon has done it again :) Now with great new chapters on Dynamic, Code Contracts and more: http://manning.com/skeet2/ ... The Second Edition is now available for pre-order. If you're in the .NET online community, chances are that you'll hear about the book when it gets released. I really recommend it.”
Kirill Osenkov, Microsoft

“Using Skeet's style of building upon previous knowledge and deconstructing features in order to explain them, I found the chapters on Dynamic Binding and Code Contracts very engaging and they helped me to better understand these concepts in C# 4. This book will be staying on my kindle for awhile to use as a reference.”
Chris Coneybeer

“This book hits it out of the park with fluency and short and concise periods that are dressed with just a little bit of amazing humor. It's truly a complete recipe for success.”
Ferdinando Santacroce, DZone Reviewer