JUnit in Action, Second Edition

Petar Tahchiev, Felipe Leme, Vincent Massol, and Gary Gregory

July 2010 | 504 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781935182023

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JUnit is the leading Java unit testing framework and its version 4.8 significantly improves the Java development process. Designed for productivity, it has extensions for newer application styles—like Ajax and HTML-based presentation layers—and for application frameworks like EJB and OSGi.

JUnit in Action, Second Edition is an entirely revised and up-to-date guide to unit testing Java applications. It provides techniques for solving real-world problems such as using mocks for testing isolation, in-container testing for Java EE and database applications, and test automation. In an example-driven style, it covers JUnit 4.8 innovations such as the new annotations that simplify test writing, improved exception handling, and the new assertion methods. Along the way, you'll learn to integrate JUnit with other important open source frameworks and tools.


About the Authors

Petar Tahchiev is a software engineer with HP and the Jakarta Cactus lead developer. Felipe Leme is a JCP member and contributor to DbUnit and Cactus. Gary Gregory is a Java developer with 20+ years of experience who currently develops application servers for legacy integration. Vincent Massol was the author of the first edition of JUnit in Action.


“This reviewer highly recommends this book to testers, developers and engineers alike. It will only add to your knowledge and abilities and very probably help you out of a tight spot sometime in the future.”
Utah Users Java Group