Oracle8i Database Administration
Noel Yuhanna

1999 | 543 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1884777783

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Databases are growing larger, and the use of distributed databases is on the rise. Oracle8i Database Administration addresses some of the most common yet complex issues that are faced by DBAs around the world.

Oracle has the largest market share in Database Management software and is the world's second largest software company. This book is designed for for Oracle Database administrators and others who are involved in planning, programming, administration, and implementation of Oracle8 Databases.

Although this book targets intermediate and advanced database administrators, it can also be an invaluable resource to entry-level DBAs, designers and developers, project managers, system administrators, data warehousing professionals or anyone interested in Oracle.

Oracle8i Database Administration uses a Q&A approach that provides in-depth technical solutions. The questions in this book have been compiled from many sources including Oracle forums, the Internet, and the author's personal experiences. The book also examines features that are new in Oracle8.

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" is much better than any Oracle Press book I've ever read. The answers are great at being very detailed...most of them go step-by-step through how to do something...unlike my experiences with the Oracle Press book. I highly recommend this to anyone who deals with Oracle on a regular basis."
--Billy Barron, Delphi Consultants, for JavaMUG


"The author has taken a radical new approach with this book, in that the solutions offered are taken from actual questions/problems faced by Oracle DBAs. The scripts included in the book make for compelling reading as well, and show practical solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing the Oracle DBA. Not just another techni-cal manual, but a real hands-on wealth of solutions. Great book!"
--Adrian Booth, Customer

"This book is outstanding! It provides factual information?posing a typical problem a DBA runs into and most importantly shows you how to solve this problem. I would highly recommend this book."
--Veronica Veroulis, Customer


Noel Yuhanna is a Senior Database Consultant in a large multinational Corporation. He has over 15 years of experience in Oracle, Informix and Sybase databases. He has worked on very large, terabyte-sized databases and has helped several companies in database installation, capacity planning, performance, and tuning.

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"I browse the table of contents for a question similar to one I am asking myself, and find lots of useful information to help me...lots of real-world examples and hundreds of scripts which have been tested on different platforms. The answers to questions are generally structured as Problem, Solution, Steps, Conclusion. Very practical indeed! This is one book every intermediate or advanced Oracle8I administrators should have on their shelf."
     --Mitch Tulloch,

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